What data are obtained in the use of your website?

When you contact our website www.morebooks.shop, we get different information from your browser, such as browser type and operating system, which we store anonymously without linking it to your IP address. This enables us to optimise our offers through statistical analysis. A link to a specific internet connection, to a computer or even to a particular person is impossible due to the lack of IP address.

When you visit our website, we generate a shopping cart in our database. Your IP address is not stored. The shopping cart is detected by a session ID that is stored in a cookie in your browser. You can disable the cookies in your browser, but then you will not be able to use a cart on our website. The products you place inside the electronic shopping cart are the products you stored during your session ID. The shopping cart, i.e. the session ID and all the related product information will be deleted 24 hours after the last activity on our server. You can also delete the cookies in your browser before the deletion of the shopping cart, in order to prevent access to your shopping cart by third parties who might use your computer.

What happens to the data in my account?

You have the option to register as a user, thereby opening an account with us with the following information: user name, password, e-mail address, first and last name, company name, tax ID and billing and / or delivery address, postal code and city. The data will not change, nor will it be released to third parties. You always have the option to delete the account. All data is then deleted irrevocably.

What data are obtained in the order?

When placing an order, the following data will be transferred to us: the ordered products as well as the street, house number, postal code and city, hence the provided addresses for the delivery and billing. The data of an order are kept independently of your account data. Order data is not deleted when you delete your account according to the previously described procedure. The order information is stored in accordance with tax and commercial specifications. Your data will be passed on only to those third parties who are assisting us with the execution of the contract. The partners can be printers, couriers and logistic companies that put your purchase order together and prepare it for shipping and transport. Your account and credit card information will be stored only by our accounting department and only if you have opted to pay the invoiced amount by bank transfer to our account. Otherwise, we use external service providers with whom we share our account number and payment amounts as well as the process description, which will later appear as the subject line in your statement. In this case, we only obtain a credit memo of the amount debited from you and no actual information about you.




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