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The world in turmoil Ukrainian Crisis and Arab Spring - Vol 1

Dictus Publishing (2014-05-26 )

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The Egyptians broke out on 25 Jan and 30 June Revolutions because there was a background of oppression , humiliation, social injustice , stealing the fortunes of the country . America will leave The Middle East after it paved the way to their agents to work on behalf of her after they destroyed the Iraqi army and , the Libyan and Syrian armies . They planted Muslim Brotherhood to sabotage the Egyptian army . US is now in Asia because the new military operations are there in Russia , China and India which , if they united together , they would be stronger than the EU and the US , They take Ukraine as a camouflage . If they succeeded in penetrating to Ukraine , they would touch the Russian borders,then devouring the other parts of Russia ,such as Georgia , Abkhazia, and all Caucasus.America wants to be the only unilateral superpower . On the other hand to our surprise , Putin , the guarding angel of the Middle East understands all the games of the west.He uses all political experiences , his military forces,oil,gas and gold to spoil the American meal. Putin stands with Syria and Egypt because both are his partners in the Middle East to help him spoil the American strategy there
Dictus Publishing
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Abdel Fattah Abdallah Hussein
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World, Crisis, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Arab Spring, Obama, Rebels, Turmoil, Ukrine, Putin, fury of the Egyptians, Revolutions

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