Capa do livro de The UN’s efforts to address the development of nuclear weapons by Iran
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The UN’s efforts to address the development of nuclear weapons by Iran

International Organizations: Law of United Nations

Scholars' Press (2019-02-26 )

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The book discusses whether it is illegal for Iran, NPT active member state and signatory of IAEA agreement, to produce & develop a nuclear program and whether sanctions imposed on Iran have legal grounds. The concept is that if sanctions could be attributed to a country because of production of Uranium or development of its nuclear power while it is not signatory of NPT, there is no legal basis to impose sanctions or while a country build its capacity in nuclear for peaceful purposes "NPT Article IV". Concerning this case study, sanctions are highly motivated by the agreement ratified by Iran. Iran did not comply with "NPT" and non-compliance with IAEA agreement. Through this book, you will mainly learn whether the right to development and self defense should apply to challenge UN sanctions, the historical perspective & the politics of Iran Nuclear weapons, Legal Concept,UN's efforts to handle an issue& the legal basis to impose sanctions. The experience on Iran is that every state must be bound by the treaty it has ratified and must respect all UN Resolutions to ensure compliance with the UN Charter. As a result, each human being will find himself living a world without conflict.
Scholars' Press
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Jean Pierre Aristote Nziragutinya
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Direito internacional e estrangeiro
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rights, development, Iran, Resolutions, IAEA, power plant, Peace, self defense, NPT, International, Law, conventions, Nuclear, weapons, legal, UN, Security, council, energy, Uranium

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