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Palm Oil Processing Technology

Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil

Scholars' Press (2013-01-29 )

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The oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) is a tropical monoecious tree with male and female inflorescence, hermaphrodite developed in the axil of the leaves. As one of the major oil crops in many African and Asian countries, palm oil contains organic food substances and inorganic elements, upon which human life and industries depend. Palm oil is largely used in various food products, such as margarines, shortenings, cooking oils and confectionery fats. Research has revealed that it can also be used as fuel blend for internal combustion engines. It is therefore essential for producers in Africa to increase production and to improve the processing techniques in order to increase oil yield. This book provides a comprehensive explanation on the different traditional processing technologies used for the production of palm oil, and how these technologies affect the quality characteristics of the palm oils produced. The relevance of the various parameters that are used to assess the quality and stability of palm oil on the international market and their defined limits of acceptability have been explained. It is hoped that the book will be a useful resource material for processors worldwide.
Scholars' Press
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Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa, Esther Sakyi-Dawson
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Agricultura, horticultura, silvicultura, pesca, nutrição
59 €
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agriculture, food processing, Food Science, Food Technology, palm oil, Oil Palm, Palm Kernel Oil, Crude Palm Oil, Palm fruit, Palm kernel

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