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On the 6th Industrial Revolution (Grand Agriculture) Projection

(Part I)

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2018-07-03 )

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The 6th Industrial Revolution (Grand Agriculture) projection by Qian Xuesen in 1984 should be revitalized in the new time of Xi Jinping. When Qian was engaged in military sciences, he also noted that the labor people lived in grinding poverty in the desert and he felt his duty to liberate them out of poverty. That is why the first he initiated was to develop Deserticulture. In 1993 he accepted one million HK Dollars donated from an Overseas Chinese, and turned all to the Foundation to develop deserticulture. “My surname is Qian (money in Chinese), but I don't love money.” He analyzed the history of IR and according to Engel’s teachings he put forward the 6th IR theory to fully utilize the whole surface of earth: desert, ocean, farmland, pastures and forestland to fix energy of the sunlight by photosynthesis.Since Jan 1983 when I was transferred from on active duty to the MOA, I have written more than 30 treatises which I hope to use as cases, explanatorily to introduce to the Grand Agriculture. If we revitalize Qian’s knowledge -intensive Grand Agriculture, we may face a food abundant era; a mankind rationally treating nature era.
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Kangmin Li
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Geral, enciclopédias
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6th Industrial Revolution, Grand Agriculture, Arboriculture, Deserticulture, Mariniculture, Praticulture

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