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Mau-Mau Rebels in Kirinyaga County, Kenya

Retrieving the History of Revolutionary Rebels vis-à-vis Ecclesia and the Colonial Government (1952-1960)

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2016-03-10 )

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This book is a revision of the author’s second doctoral degree (in History) which was awarded in February 2016. It sets out to unveil the nature, the cause, and the course of Mau-Mau rebel activities in Kirinyaga County of Kenya. Through various reactions and counter reactions the rebels versus the colonial government engaged each other in fierce battles. Uniquely, Generals Chui and Kubukubu’s bodies were burned into ashes in 1956. Reuben Kinyua Kaara was martyred in 1953. All in all, Kirinyaga Generals such as Ndaya (the first one), Kassam, Mota, Odero, Magazine, Aga Khan, Magoto, Matene; and Majors Christo, Kabwere, Judge, Kingkong; Brigadier Kubai, Sergent-Major Nubi, Ndereba, Njee Kambo appears, Other critical people who did not retreat to the forest include Karubiu wa Nguya, Gitari wa Kiura, Kibicho wa Rukenya. A few women combatants have also been given attention, and include: Wambui wa KanyarI, Lydiah Wanjiku, and Matron among others. The fake Mau-Mau General Mbaka has also been given attention. The study is theoretically guided by John Walton’s theory of reluctant rebels, a phenomenon where rebels are always reluctant to fight till they are ignited by the political elites.
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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African history, Mau-Mau rebellion, Mau-Mau revolution, Quest for freedom in Kenya, General Chui wa Mararo, General Ndaya, Mau-Mau in Kirinyaga County, Chief Stephen Ngigi Machere, Johana Njumbi, Reuben Kinyua Kaara, History of Kenya, Women Fighters, Women Mau-Mau, Women Rebels, General Odero, General Aga Khan, General Kassam Gicimu, Major Judge, General Kubukubu, General China, Nelson Mandela and Kenya's freedom, Martyrdom in Kirinyaga County, General Mota, Religion in Conflict with Politics, Marxist wars in Africa, The battle of River Ragati, The battle of River Ruiru, The battle of Mbeere, Mau-Mau cuts the outer parts of the ears in Mbeere of Embu County, The Haraka platoon of Embu and Kirinyaga Counties, The Heka Heka platoon of Nyeri County, The bizzare burning to ashes of Mau-Mau General Chui wa Mararo by the colonial authorities, the killing of church leaders by Mau-Mau, Military operations of Mau-Mau, Comparing Mau-Mau Rebels with other world Rebels, Mau-Mau torture in Kenya, Freedom and after in Kenya, Munge wa Ndaruru the sacked chief by the missionaries, Church and war in Kenya, Mau-Mau oath, the four types of Mau-Mau oath of the quest for freedom, Lessons from Mau-Mau war of freedom in Kenya for the world

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