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History of Modern Christianity in the Holy Land

Understanding Christianity and Islam in the Land of their Origins

Blessed Hope Publishing (2014-10-24 )

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Perhaps no region of the world fixes our attention and our concern as does the Middle East, and with good reason. There are other important interactions and conflicts that are rarely considered and poorly understood yet they give foundation to the present day and reveal critical interactions between politics and religions. Father Hanna Kildani reveals these interactions in his book, and gives an insightful historical perspective and a helpful current analysis that heightens our ability to understand. This study is certainly a scholarly work. Anyone who wants to understand the history of modern Christianity in the Holy Land will surely use this book as a primary resource. The intimate linkage between politics and religion may not be familiar to modern readers, especially those who live in secular states. Father Kildani is a Catholic priest but his treatment of the various religious groups is even-handed and fair. One theme, however, is strongly presented – the need for Arab Christians to be honored and recognized both as laity and as local officials within their churches. I agree. Brent Strong, Ph.D., American University of Madaba.
Blessed Hope Publishing
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Hanna Kildani
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Israel, Christianity, Anglican, Catholic, Church, Orthodox, Holy Land, Jordan, Palestine, Oriental, Patriarchate, Jerusalem, Holy Shrines. Bethlehem, Madaba, Nazareth, Holy Shrines, Bethlehem

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