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Financial Economics Strategic Risk & Investment Management Under Cover

Risks, Behaviour, Crisis, Investment Opportunities & Operations arising from the Puzzling Financial Repression Policy

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2017-09-04 )

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This book investigates investment opportunities in Equities, Bonds, Innovations, Real Estate, Infrastructures and exams risk and crisis management strategies, by studying the global economic policy. In fact, since the 2008 financial crisis, government debt in most developed countries has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels. Policy makers to reduce it and prevent a global depression have chosen to implement a complicated mechanism, by transferring wealth from savers to the governments. It is called Financial Repression, where major Central Banks by using QE programs guarantee negative real interest rates to make debts more manageable. Then, in a climate of growth and controlled inflation, debts in the coming decades will evaporate. In this context, to ensure and increase returns on investments, the notion of risk is explored with its upside potential, thereafter, Derivative Strategies, the Real Options Approach and the Money Management calculations are designed. Systemic, Market, Credit and Operational Risks are thoroughly analysed, as they are the primary sources of uncertainty that can lead to a new Crisis, while the preparation for crisis management is being examined in detail.
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Nikolaos Akkizidis
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Adaptive Behaviour, Agricultural, anti-immigration, asset class, austerity measures, Austria, Awareness, Bank of England, Belgium, Bond Valuation, Bonds, Brexit, BRICS, Canada, Capital Employed, Cash Flow Statement, Central Banks, Clean Energy, cognitive bias, Commonwealth, Conversion Factor, Convexity, corporate governance, CPI, Credit risk, crisis management, DAX, Debt Restructuring, Decision Makers, Decision Trees, default, derivatives, developed countries, Developing Countries, Dow Jones, Duration, ECB, economic agents, Economic growth, economic indicators, Environmental Friendly, equities, EU, European Union, Eurozone, EXCLUSIVITY, Expected Value, FED, Financial Economics, Financial Markets, Finland, fiscal policy, France, fundamental analysis, futures, futures contracts, Germany, Global Financial Crisis, Globalization, Greece, Gross Domestic Product, Hedge Ratio, Historical simulation, Human Factor, Inflation, Infrastructures, Innovation, Interest Rates, Investment Management, Investment Opportunities, Italy, Japan, Leadership and Management, liquidity, macron, Market Risk, Member States, Monetary Policy, money management, Monte Carlo simulation, NASDAQ, Netherlands, Operational Risk, Options, Policy Makers, Portugal, present value, privatization, psychology, public debt, Public-private partnership, QE, Ratio Analysis, Real Estate, Real Options Approach, Regulations, return on equity (ROE), risk, risk taking, S&P 500, Spain, stock exchange, Stock Index, stock market, systematic risk, systemic risk, taxes, threat, Total assets, uncertainties, Uncertainty, United Kingdom, United States, Unsystematic Risk, urban renewal, US Dollar, Value at Risk, Working capital, yield curve, Strategic Risk, Easing Bias, Excessive Debt, Unexpected increase in inflation, Financial Repression Method, Reducing Debt, Deposit Interest Rates, Government Bond Rates, Investment Challenges, Global Equities, Balance Sheet Accounts, Assets Side, Liability Side, Profit and Loss Accounts, Sources of Fund Mechanism, Uses of Fund Mechanism, Net Worth, Profitability & Sales, Debt to Equity Ratio, Return on Total Assets, market behaviour, Market Direction, High-Yield Corporate Bonds, Senior Loans, Floating Rate Notes, Competitive Cities, Retirement Accommodation, Shopping centres, Technologically upgraded buildings, Risks on Real Estate, Mega Projects, multinational euro-cities, euro-cities, European Crisis, Meaning Of Risk, Sides of Risk, Types of Risk, Risk Psychology, Equity Returns, Derivative Strategies, Futures Theoretical Value, Sensitivity Factors (GREEKS), Neutral Portfolios, Index Futures, Full Hedging, Dynamic Hedging, Fixed Hedge – Protective Put, Gamma Hedging, Limited Protection, Falling Prices, Partially Hedging, Covered Call, Vertical spreads, Vertical Bull Spread, Vertical Bull Spread with Calls, Vertical Bull Spread with Puts, Vertical Bear Spread, Vertical Bear Spread with puts, Volatility Bets, Long Straddle, Long Strangle, Short Straddle, Short Strangle, Protecting Bonds, Protecting Bonds With Futures, Compound interest, Yield Curves, Fixed Rate Bonds, Bonds Yields, Clean Price of the Bond, Fixed Interest Rate, Sensitivity Of Bonds, Yields to Maturity, Modified Duration, Basis Point Method, Interest Rate Changes, Duration of a Portfolio, Synthetic Bonds, Invoice Amount, Cheapest to Deliver Bond, Investment Position, Controlling Risk, Maximum Amount of Money, Number of Assets, Money Capital, Portfolio Value, Sources Of Risks, Dealing With Risks, Interconnection Risk, Types of Systemic Risk, Measuring Market Risk, Defining VaR, VaR Structure, Variance/Covariance Method, VaR Limitations, External Credit Rating Agencies, Credit Analysis Models, Altman Z-score, Structural Credit Risk Merton Model, Credit Metrics, Multidimensional Risk, One-Sided Risk, Idiosyncratic Risk, Causes of the Crisis, New Ways of Thinking Risks, From Risk Management to Crisis Management, The Intelligence, Respond at Right Time, Risk Culture Development, Capital and Human Resources, Risks In Corporate Governance, under cover, QE policy, Major Stock Indexes, CAC-40, FTSE, P/E Ratio, Cyclically Adjusted P/E, CAPE Ratio, Shiller PE, Currency war, long-term government bonds, short-term government bonds, Government Bond Rate, ten-year government bonds, Money Market Rate, DEBT/GDP, Expansionary fiscal policy, de-globalisation, southern countries, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, anti-globalization

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