Capa do livro de December 25, 2027: Christmas in bombs in the Vatican
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December 25, 2027: Christmas in bombs in the Vatican

Blessed Hope Publishing (2021-02-19 )

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Jesus Christ is coming soon! This essay is neither a thriller nor a hired writing, but a revelation of divine retribution. Exposing the UN's homophile tutelage over New York City, the future seat of the Vatican's World Government, Revelation also describes the (EU) as "Ten Horns" opposed to Rome, temporarily ending its rule. Because: "They will hate the prostitute, will eat her flesh and consume her with fire!" "After the interlude of December 25, 2027, the United Nations will restore the Vatican through the" Second Earth Beast "(USA), which will thus impose the" 666 "on the World! But why did the Church not prophesy a similar destruction, reported instead by esoteric writings of Victor Hugo, describing the Freemasonry temple "Notre Dame de Paris" in flames? Let us take a look at the outcome of the Lateran Agreements: notoriously the Seven Kings preceding Francis I "himself Eighth, and Last!" "Besides, isn't COVID 19 already mapping, circumscribing the Babylonian empire with divine anger? If so, as a dated sign of the subsequent destruction of the Throne of the Beast, when will the pandemic end, according to the Bible?
Blessed Hope Publishing
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Samuel Cameroun
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Religião/ Teologia
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Jesus, 25 December 2027, Christmas in bombs, Vatican

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