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Conflicts, Geopolitics and Asia Volume 1: 2010-12

A Short Diary of Notes from the Region

Dictus Publishing (2013-07-11 )

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Asia is not a monolith. It represents a simultaneous playing out of a multitude of narratives, which often have no relation with or bearing upon each other. And yet, there are instances when the myriad happenings do form a thread. The period selected in this book (2010-12) stands out among the recent decades because of the global significance - and echo - of the events that took place in the region during the three years. While the rise of China and skirmishes of the giant with almost every other nation in the South China Sea - that allowed the United States to have an excuse to have 'Asia Pivot' as the new security strategy - made global headlines, one region that garnered even greater global attention in the geopolitical arena was South Asia. Often described as the most dangerous place on earth and the most promising emerging market, both in the same breath, the region played host to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, said to be 'the biggest news of the year', and the global debate about the issue of Sri Lanka’s alleged war crimes. This book features the latter in depth, while sharing notes about society, economy and history's footnotes from the global Asia geopolitical perspective.
Dictus Publishing
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Anshuman Rawat
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Política e economia
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History, War, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, China, India, South Asia, Asia, International Relations, Pakistan, Philippines, Terrorism, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Southeast Asia, SAARC, geopolitics, Myanmar, BRICs, LTTE, Maoists

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