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Computer modeling and the new technologies in oncology

Prognostication and the development of the new technologies

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2017-06-19 )

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In the book is presented the computer program of interpolation prognosis, which permitted to create the medico-mathematical model of tumor, numerically reflecting all laws of the course of tumor process after the conducted treatment, to plan the optimum tactics of postoperative patient’s management, to select the periods of tests survey and regimes of the preventive treatment of oncological patients, to determine the effectiveness of the used methods of treatment of oncological patients. The new process of lymphosorption and the special electroflotators are developed that allowed in short time to replace entire lymph of sick person on the lymph of healthy person, free from the cancerous cells, in the continuous regime, by recirculation on the locked outline. The method of processing of antitumorigenic medicines with uniform distribution of the spherical drops of cytostatic inside was developed that allowed during implanting of medicine in the body parts of patient, which supply the tumor by blood, with the calculated dose of cytostatic to act directly on tumor cells at the moment of their mitosis for their effective destruction without affecting the healthy cells of organism.
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Michael Shoikhedbrod
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Química física
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lymphosorption, mathematical modeling, interpolation prognosis, automated control systems, processing the new forms of the medicines

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