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Changing role of women in Pakistan

A study of social and economic activities of women entrepreneurs

Scholars' Press (2013-02-20 )

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The role of women in Pakistan is changing with the time .Contribution of women to the development of Pakistan’s is inevitable but unrecognized .Especially in informal sector women’s productive activities are still invisible. Self –employed women are an integral part of the economic sector but are facing various problems. Mostly self-employed women have adopted their work because they don’t have any other choice, lack of education and awareness, middleman, no access to market, inappropriate policies of government and most of all cultural restriction proved to be the biggest obstacles in the development of self-employed of Pakistan. The book is an analysis of the changing role of women in the contemporary society and social and economic system. The analysis of the data indicates that the two samples selected for this study consists of 100 respondents each from OPP and First Women Bank. A purposive sample was drawn for this study. The book will be useful for policy makers as it provides data and knowledge about the category of work, social conditions and work environment of self-employed women. This is also valuable for the academic researchers to conduct more researchers.
Scholars' Press
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Nasreen Aslam Shah
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Pesquisa na mulher e gênero
79 €
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capitalism, patriarchal, Women Entrepreneurs, Domestic work, Dower, self-employed-women, Orangi Pilot Project, First Women Bank

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