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Are Third World Nations truly Sovereign?

With the existence of International Laws and the globalization phenomenon in place, can third world nations in Africa truly claim to be sovereign?

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (2009-10-07 )

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For African Nations to come into their own and compete on the same level like their sort after Counterparties - the developed Nations, they would need to look back on what they did wrong to help make the right decisions for the present and future Africa. They would need to make independent decisions as Sovereign nations away from the prying eyes of International laws to help the Continent as a whole move into the realm developed nations enjoy. In the past Africa nations have joined organisations such as World Trade Organisation (WTO), International Monetary Funds (IMF) and General Agreements on Tarrifs and Trades (GATT) in line with International laws which arguably may have left the continent with little or no profitable gains at a point in history. This book chronicles African Nations' plight from when they became sovereign Nations to their present state and what may be in store for them for the future.
VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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Iyadunni Adegoke
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Direito internacional e estrangeiro
49 €
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Africa, International Law, Globalization, GATT, WTO, IMF, Colonization, independence, Third World Nations

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