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An Analysis of the Perceptions of the Lunda-Luvale Conflict

A Case Study of Zambezi District in Zambia

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2017-12-12 )

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Given the seeming ineluctability of conflict in our time—conflict which seems so pervasive in its reach in that it encompasses both the Global North and the Global South; conflict which tends to be protracted in nature and, all too often, terribly traumatic in its effects on people and/or their communities -- perhaps a work of this kind is most fitting. This book addresses the long-standing and seemingly intractable conflict between two of Zambia’s approximately seventy-three ethnic communities. These two conflict-ridden communities, the Lundas and the Luvales, find themselves situated on either side of the Zambezi River, one of the great rivers of Africa. For the most part, and due to a number of explicable historical reasons which are unearthed in this book, the Lundas are currently located on the east of the Zambezi river and the Luvales, on the west. Again, this qualitative study about ethnic conflict in Zambia which ends with some recommendations of its own is but a microcosmic reflection of what obtains more globally and should therefore prove useful for both students and practitioners alike in their study of peace and conflict.
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Chipo Kasoma, Gosnell Yorke
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35.9 €
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Conflict, Ethic, Zambia, Lunda, Luvale, Zambezi

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