Copertina di Women's Groups as a tool of Empowerment for Muslim women
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Women's Groups as a tool of Empowerment for Muslim women

An exploration of the empowerment effects of community groups on Muslim women in Johannesburg, South Africa

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (10.02.2011 )

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Across the world women form groups in order to address their most pressing needs. These groups have also been found to highlight the various difficulties faced by women. Although Muslim women in South Africa have over the years contributed to society, it is only in recent years that their roles have begun to be questioned. This study examines the role that women's groups play in the lives of Muslim women in South Africa. A qualitative methodology was employed to gain information from two women's groups in Johannesburg. The findings indicated that Muslim women in Johannesburg have similar experiences to other women of different cultural, religious and geographical backgrounds. The processes of empowerment in areas of psychological, community, intellectual, economic and political empowerment are explored in relation to this sample of women. The notion of empowerment in itself and its universal applicability was brought into question as the women held their own perceptions of empowerment. Anyone interested in women's issues and those willing to gain an understanding of the experiences and perceptions of Muslim women will find this book to be valuable.
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VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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Zarina Hassem
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79,00 €
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women''s groups, Muslim women, psychological, Community, political, Economic, intelectual empowerment

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