Copertina di Where UNSC Resolution 1325 fears to tread
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Where UNSC Resolution 1325 fears to tread

Sexual Violence, Structural Violence and the Political Economy of conflict

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (23.02.2013 )

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Feminist Theory and Structuralist Analysis is used to problematize the issue of the UN response to sexual violence in conflict, with particular attention placed on women. Guatemala and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are the foci for my two core case studies, however I consider the problems I raise to be experienced universally/globally, which is demonstrated with reference to other case studies and conflicts. It is my belief that the UN resolution is inadequate in addressing the multi-layered problems women in conflict and post-conflict situations face daily. Since the resolution does not exist in a vacuum I have considered the department which created the resolution as well as other actors involved in the implementation of such resolutions. The themes within this book include not only sexual violence, women, the UN & International Law but also structural problems related to poverty & the global political economy. This work demonstrates the universal nature of the structural problems, as well as the connections between poverty, regional destabilization and sexual violence (against women). Scholars of IR, Gender & Development will find this book most useful and interesting.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Rosalie Clarke
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Politica ed economica
35,90 €
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Guatemala, Conflict, Political Economy, UN, developing countries, Sexual Violence, Structural Violence, DRC

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