Copertina di Western physical beauty affects young Asian females in Social Media
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Western physical beauty affects young Asian females in Social Media

Asian young female motivation on Western beauty

AV Akademikerverlag (19.04.2018 )

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The perception of beauty has constantly changed for over centuries, it is interesting that Western culture has been globalizing during nineteenth century that creates a homogenization of ideal beauty by using a social marketing tool, which is social media and how it affects young Asian female perceive and follow the trends of beauty. The structure of the thesis as follows; it will explain about history & changes in Asian beauty and related theories: Psychology of Aesthetics, Model of Persuasion, Social Interaction & Exchange Theory in Mcluhan: “Global Village” and Social Exchange Theory were used for analyzing young Asian female’s behavior towards western beauty. The aims and benefit of this study is to understand young Asian female what defines them beauty and how does western beauty affect their culture standard. This will reflect how did Western culture successfully capture the ideal beauty among Asian female through promoting in social media & identify young Asian female’s motivation on changing their physical beauty from Western culture. The analysis should help professional or students in Communication, Marketing & Culture studies field about beauty in Asia.
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AV Akademikerverlag
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Aliamira Gabriella Indrayani
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Media, communicazione
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aesthetic, Asian, culture, Fashion, female, Western, cosmetic, plasticsurgery, socialmediamarketing, consumerbehavior

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