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There is only one Hope!

Blessed Hope Publishing (19.02.2021 )

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What is Christian Hope? Revelation is said to be the Only "Glorious Rapture", and not Many according to Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, Etc ..., out of the 144,000, or the dead. Important in the New Testament, although "the Rapture" is not there! Can we know the date? Jesus said: “No one knows that day, neither the angels, not even the Son, but the Father alone. However, several signs and conditions of the world are occurring right now! When he was born, no one was prepared, despite hundreds of prophecies. It is heartbreaking, but could it be possible that Christians are busy misapplying the prophecies of his second coming? Jesus clearly warns: "Let no one deceive you". Could there be impostors, antichrists seducing by miracles? 1) Appearing as an angel of light 2) Performing miracles 3) Bringing fire down from heaven 4) Using the Bible. What will happen to them? Jeremiah 25: 34 - 37 replies, “Wail, pastors, and cry! Roll in the ashes. For the days have come when you are going to be slain, broken, falling like a jar of prizes. No more refuge, no salvation for the herds men! "
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Blessed Hope Publishing
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Samuel Cameroun
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34,82 S$
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Hope, Revelation

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