Copertina di There is only one Baptism!
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There is only one Baptism!

Blessed Hope Publishing (19.02.2021 )

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The Bible declares: "the Anointed One will have no successor", and that "His Priesthood is untransmissible! "Then John the Baptist confirmed:" that it was for Him, Jesus, to baptize with the Holy Spirit and not to anyone else, at the risk of usurping the very prerogatives of the Messiah! "In the Acts of the Apostles:" There are no other names under heaven whereby men can be saved. " So why should there not be "One Messiah," but several baptismal forms? It is only the Son of God who gives the "New Birth" to the repentant sinner, through the considered baptism of "Death in Christ". Being, God and his Holy Spirit, were they also subject to it during the redemption, to the point of causing the ceremony of “Baptism” “in the name of the Father… and of the Holy Spirit” according to Matthew 28: 19? If so, why did the apostles never practice it? Are we entitled to speculate biblical errors? If not, let us study with interest the central question of Baptism and the New Birth. Does she dub unbiblical terms: Trinity? Are not the permissive ceremonies of "Baptism" doctrines precisely factoring in 666?
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Blessed Hope Publishing
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Samuel Cameroun
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Religione / Teologia
23,90 €
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BAPTISM, Religion

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