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There is one Spirit!

Blessed Hope Publishing (19.02.2021 )

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THERE IS ONE SPIRIT, is an attempt to confirm your sealing in Christ, or if so, to stir up a spiritual uproar, against the erroneous Trinitarian teaching despising the words "the Spirit of Jesus Christ" widely cited in the New Testament. Here is presented an andragogical questionnaire developed with the express intention of testing your dependence on sound doctrine. To be able to discern the wonderful pastoral attributes of Jesus through the functionalities of his Holy Spirit, in us until the end of the world, is the prerequisite. Taking this necessary freedom that the Holy Scriptures give is not childish, but rather a protection in the face of battles against evil miracles, interspersed by the last fateful cups of the wrath of God and the Armageddon of the eschatological millennium. Finally, could you define the status of the dead? The visible manifestations of the Holy Spirit of Jesus? Evil miracles? So start by standing out from those who violate the Commandments of Moses and the Gospel of Christ, to become "lords" of the "Lord", without the risk of justly committing sin against the Spirit of God!
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Blessed Hope Publishing
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Samuel Cameroun
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Religione / Teologia
20,55 £
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Spirit, Religion, Christ, the Spirit of Jesus Christ, devilish miracles

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