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The new face of war

The European balance is a system that advocates moderation in the practice of warfare.

Our Knowledge Publishing (17.10.2020 )

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Politics is the main component of the definition of the Trinity, because according to Aron (2009), it is the only element that contains all the knowledge about society. In fact, it is the only person who knows the capacity of society to sustain war, and the only person who can "control" people's hatred in one way or another. The army is an expert on the conduct of war, on the conduct of the army on the battlefield, not an expert on society and its combat capabilities.After pleading not guilty before military philosophers, Aron wrote that two main reasons were due to widespread misunderstandings of Clausewitz's thesis. First, the incompleteness and partial form of "On" sometimes made readers doubtful. In fact, there are places in the book where Clausewitz is a champion of uncontrolled military brutality. Second, in the French complaints against the soldiers who studied Clausewitz from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, intellectual incompetence became the focus. They analyzed the Prussians and believed they had found the warrior genius of Napoleon who fought Prussia.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Souleymane SACKO
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Scienze politiche comparative ed internazionali
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Trinidad, War, Carl von Clausewitz, Raymond Aron, Napoleon, Politics, battlefield, Trinitarian War, Military leaders, absolute war, Conflict, European balance, violence, opportunity, Understanding

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