Copertina di The Moodle platform and teaching digital competence
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The Moodle platform and teaching digital competence

Virtual education in the framework of Post COVID 19 education

Our Knowledge Publishing (13.10.2021 )

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In the context of distance classes that demand the intensive use of digital technologies and the internet; where teachers, students and parents have to connect synchronously in real time and asynchronously in deferred times from different places; this work addresses research on the impact of the pandemic in the education system and the problem of connectivity that has affected millions of students especially in the most needy sectors of marginal urban areas and rural areas.On the other hand, it also addresses research on the influence of the implementation of the Moodle platform, with favorable results in strengthening the digital competencies of teachers and the academic performance of students. It also addresses the perspectives and challenges required by Post COVID 19 distance classes, ending with a proposal for the use of the Moodle platform to improve the digital competence of teachers and students in Post COVID 19 distance classes.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Cleto Roca Tapia
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Pedagogia scolastica, didattica, metodologia
39,90 €
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Moodle, digital competence, Virtual classes

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