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The Middle East Embracing Change

The Middle East inevitable Path

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (24.08.2012 )

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This book was compiled in December 2010, way ahead of the events that were to engulf MENA(the Middle East and North Africa) region. The later so-called Jasmin Revolution was envisioned in the book containing an introduction( a short history of the region- the wealth of the area... and the issues confronting it), and four distinct separate yet connected chapters laying-out the the four inevitable forces(engines) that were to propel change in region. The might and bulge of the educated-cosmopolitan youth, the women gradually taking a center position in the societies that were but shut out to them(some fifty percent new participants-half of the poplulation overhauling the region), the wealth both material in forms of oil etc., and intellectual, and the indigenous democracy sweeping across the area with religious identities and beliefs empowering it, are the four inevitables that the author prescribed in ushering in a new Middle East. The events re-constructing the region have been proof to the inevitability of the changes prescriped in the book.No data-figures-findings have been changed as to keep the book in its original form.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Behzad Shahandeh
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59,00 €
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Education, economics, Middle East, politics, democracy, youth, Oil, sociology Women

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