Copertina di The islamic movement, in the revelation
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The islamic movement, in the revelation

Blessed Hope Publishing (19.02.2021 )

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Let’s study the noise of boots, as much as it affects the Church. Revelation 11: "Arise, measure the temple, the altar, and those who worship there. The outer court does not measure it ”. Revelation 9 is about swarms of Mohammedan Arabs and Saracens waging war. They conquered Persia, Syria, Egypt, North Africa and Spain. Converting 2/3 Christians from Africa and Asia through jihad. But will Islamism end? Despite the drying up of the Euphrates - heard the surrender in Syria, Iraq and Turkey: Revelation 16:12, does the Church recognize there the spiritual and furtive coming of Christ for the war of Armageddon? How will ecumenical Islamism merge with Rome? The Qur'an claims a Jesus molding birdies, breathing life into them! In the 11th century, the Franciscan monks fabricated miracles similar to Francis of Assisi. The interest would be to influence Islam and the Vaticanists in the USA, by Joe Biden, 2nd Catholic after JF Kennedy: "She will seduce the earth by wonders in the presence of the beast, ... making an image of the beast ... And animating the image of the beast,… speaking. Anyone who did not worship the image of the beast was killed. "
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Blessed Hope Publishing
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Samuel Cameroun
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45,09 $
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Islamic Movement, Revelation, Church

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