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The Feminist Ideology

Rethinking The Concept of Feminist Ideology in Selected Fiction of D.H Lawrence and Ahdaf Souief

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (25.04.2013 )

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Feminism is a very widely debated topic nowadays. This book examines the feminist ideology in two major literary works, namely, D.H Laurence's Women in Love and Ahdaf Souief's The Map of Love. The two authors highlighted the role of women in a patriarchal society, being suppressed, marginalized and male -dominated. This study will further shed light on patriarchal societies, which, feminist schools as monolithic, primitive, and phallogocentric. Thus, the study will be a kind of an adventure into a world conflicting ideas about the role and the future of society. Hence, it is hoped that the study will be a valuable contribution to the efforts attempting to mark a border line between women's rights and their identities in a volatile culture subject to an indefinite external and internal influences. That said, the present study focuses on the image of women perspectives of Ahdaf Souief and D.H Lawrence to reflect upon the iniquities to which women had been exposed. Additionally, the depiction of modern society in the light of the present patriarchal society will be discussed to refer to the difficulties and pitfalls to which the society of women may be exposed.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Zakaria Almahasees
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feminism, Fiction, British literature, Feminist Ideology, D.H Lawerence, Ahdaf Souief, Arabian Feminists, Feminist stages, comperative Literature, Arabian Novels, English Novels, Womens' Liberation, Women Sufferage, Women and Literature, Women in 20th, Women during war, English Literature, Literature

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