Copertina di The Evolution of Human Species and Gender- Eve Came First & Adam Later
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The Evolution of Human Species and Gender- Eve Came First & Adam Later

Evolution of Human Sexuality and Gender

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (23.11.2020 )

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The humans evolved by symbiosis of archaea and viruses from the extraterrestrial intergalactic quantal computing cloud. Archaeal symbiosis resulted in homo neanderthalis evolution and retroviral symbiosis resulted in homo sapien evolution. The X chromosome of the Neanderthals possibly has archaeal genomic sequences integrated to it using HERV integrase. The endosymbiotic archaea secreted digoxin which modulates viral RNA editing. The retroviruses generated by endosymbiotic archaea were preferentially integrated into the Y chromosome of neanderthalic male and not into the female. This resulted in modification of the Y chromosome of the neanderthalic male and eventual neanderthalic male extinction with homo sapien evolution. The female of the species with XX chromosomal pattern has essentially remain neanderthalic throughout centuries without any change. The human sexuality also evolved with the androgynous matriarchal neanderthalic and neoneanderthalic societies and the patriarchal heterosexual homo sapien societies. The use of internet resulted in dehumanising humans: homo roboticus - digisexuals, robotic sex, robotic brain and end of humans.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Parameswara Achutha Kurup, Ravikumar Kurup
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Scienze naturali in generale
108,90 €
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Evolution, Gender, species, Digisexuals, androgynous

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