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The Digital Conundrum at the Leading Edge of Customer Experience

The story of a pure symbiosis: when Big Data and customer experience blend into each other to drive towards excellence

AV Akademikerverlag (21.12.2017 )

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Over the past two decades, our world has undergone extensive and profound shifts regarding the emergence of information and communications technologies. We are at the dawn of a new era, the digital one. The access to information has never been so easy, fostering the appearance of networked societies all around the globe. Following these changes, the power has moved into customers’ hands as they become more and more demanding towards brands, expecting a deeper personalization of services. On their side, companies have no choice but to become more transparent and visible in the eyes of those commonly referred to as savvy consumers. Thereupon, the advent of digital tools has slightly led businesses to rethink their approach of customer experience. Today, the aim is no longer to be solely competitive on price and quality but rather to release the most unique experience to customers. However, as simple as it might sound, most of companies do not dare to make the full leap of digital transformation. Although Big Data is the greatest opportunity, it also remains a colossal challenge for brands.
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AV Akademikerverlag
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Quentin Journaux
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Pubblicità, Marketing
35,90 €
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Big Data, Customer Experience, leading edge, Digitalisation, Digital Conundrum, pure symbiosis.

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