Copertina di The Church of Nigeria as Agent of Social and Political Change
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The Church of Nigeria as Agent of Social and Political Change

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (24.05.2018 )

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This book discusses the role of the church in society, especially Nigerian society. The author presents a set of issues, such as what is the role of the church in our society; should there be any relationship between the state and the church for the development of society and what could be the effect of such collaboration if there is any? Exploring the issues through Biblical lens, church history, and sociological analysis, the author makes a powerful theological case for the involvement of the church in the societies in which it finds itself called to give a witness, especially in a democratic ambiance. Based on sound scholarship, it offers a series of well-thought-out practical suggestions about how church and state should interact. He made a case for the involvement of the church as an institution in humanity services, educational development, spiritual and moral development and social and ethical development. Understandably and efficiently there is a particular emphasis on Nigeria, a nation which the author knows well. By choosing Nigeria as a kind of case history the broader, general case is given a particular and penetrating illustration that strengthens his wider argument
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Richard Adekoya
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64,90 €
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church, society, state, Stakeholders and Socio-political development

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