Copertina di The Challenges Facing Free Primary Education
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The Challenges Facing Free Primary Education

Free Primary Education in Winam Division Kisumu

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (15.08.2012 )

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The cost of education in Kenya has been increasing over the years and until the introduction of Free Primary Education. This has blocked children from disadvantaged background from attaining primary level of education. This book therefore examines the challenges facing FPE enrolment in Winam division of Kisumu East District, its success by increasing enrolment, nationwide disbursement in different schools, the extent to which FPE objectives are met, the number of pupils benefiting from FPE, problems FPE is experiencing and possible measures that can help minimize the problems in the system. It also highlights great awareness and accessibility. The analysis of this book should help the MOE in putting in place other measures like feeding programme, priority to be based on lunch programme and the government needs to monitor the extra levies charged in schools and to strengthen Guidance and Counseling departments in schools by employing more trained teachers.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Clare Onsarigo
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49,00 €
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challenges, benefits, Enrolment, drop out, Free Primary Education, Low transition, Economic activities

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