Copertina di The Amounts of Parental Supervision Time and Children Delinquency
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The Amounts of Parental Supervision Time and Children Delinquency

Analysis of the Relationship between Supervision Time and Levels of Delinquency

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (23.09.2010 )

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The recent increase in the delinquency rate worries the American public and provokes the curiosity of many researchers. The majority of these researchers indicated that the cause of this recrudescence of delinquency needs to be sought in the social environment of the children including location of residence, family condition, parenting, and parental supervision among other factors. It was in this context that this book was written. The study in the book assesses the relationship between parental supervision and children's delinquency. The study found that the more time parents spend in supervision and in engaging in activities with their daughters, the less likely these children are to exhibit delinquent behavior. However, the level of delinquency of boys increased with the increase in the amount of parental supervision time, especially by fathers. This book should be especially useful to researchers or students who are interested in the following areas: sociology, deviance, delinquency, parenting, family studies, criminology, and social work. The book will also be of special interest for policymakers and parents.
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VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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Yawo Bessa
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Ricerca sulla stratificazione sociale
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Children delinquency, parental supervision, Parenting, behavior problem, antisocial behavior, Rehabilitation

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