Copertina di Teachers’ viewpoints about in-school adolescents’ sexuality education
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Teachers’ viewpoints about in-school adolescents’ sexuality education

The case in secondary schools in Anyigba, North central Nigeria.

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (01.09.2011 )

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Adolescence is a time of self-discovery and physical, social and cognitive development. It is within this milieu that adolescent sexual behaviour occurs. To make informed sexual choices one agent that is needed outside the family is the teacher in schools. Trends in adolescent sexual behaviour are changing, and teachers must be aware of these trends to provide necessary sexuality education to this cohort. The aim of this study, therefore, was to examine teachers’ view points on adolescent sexuality education. The study was conducted among 90 randomly selected teachers in three selected secondary schools in Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria. Data for the study were collected with the use of structured self-administered questionnaire. Frequency counts and simple percentage were used to analyze the data generated for the survey. The study found that teachers’ knowledge about sexuality education was high. They were also positively disposed towards the teaching of sexuality to students in schools, though, their attitude were poor. Data also revealed some benefits and hindrances to effective sexuality education in schools..
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Julius Owoyemi
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Scienze sociali in generale
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Teachers’ viewpoints, in-school adolescents’, sexuality education

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