Copertina di Successful preschool transitions from different perspectives
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Successful preschool transitions from different perspectives

Successful transition as a process of evolution and learning in children on their way to school

Our Knowledge Publishing (18.02.2021 )

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This book will show the different positions and opinions of experts and authors on the strategies, benefits and difficulties that children may have if they do not experience a successful transition in their preschool stage, and once they go to school how they can develop satisfactorily, taking into account the experiences and learning obtained during their early childhood. In addition, there was a need to recognize the changes that children experience, and to analyze the pedagogical methods that were being used in the different educational entities in order to achieve a harmonious transition between them.Through this investigation, we emphasize that during its development goes hand in hand its integrality, participation and playfulness, where it shows us that to achieve the objectives in this stage of the children's life it is necessary to work jointly with the educational agents, the teachers, the school, the family, the context and the community in general, allowing to give them a transversal support in the whole formative process.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Ana María Arboleda Blandón, Verónica Andrea Zuluaga Guzmán
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Istruzione, professione, mestieri, carriera
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successful transition, Training, process, Preparation, Education, ADAPTATION, experiences

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