Copertina di Studies in English Literature: A Compendium of Colloquiums
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Studies in English Literature: A Compendium of Colloquiums

Scholars' Press (19.07.2019 )

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Vasanta College for Women, Rajghat established in 1913 is one of the oldest colleges of Varanasi, admitted to the privileges of Banaras Hindu University and runs under the aegis of Krishnamurti Foundation India, a world-renowned foundation. Student’s Colloquium is an annual event that started in April 2017 under the aegis of Prof Alka Singh, Principal, Vasanta College for women. Department of English organised its first Student’s Colloquium on “Theory and Literature in English” on 3rd April 2017. The keynote address was given by Prof. Anita Singh, B.H.U. There were fourteen paper presentations by the students of B.A III, M.A I and M.A II. Second Student’s Colloquium was organised on March, 13th 2018 on “Theory and Text: Post- modernism and Beyond” with a keynote address by Dr. Banibrata Mahanta, B.H.U. Third Student’s Colloquium was held on the theme of “Negotiating Context, Form and Theory in Indian English Fiction: Post 2000”. Student’s Colloquium provides a platform to young minds and aims to discuss English Literature,Contemporary and Indian English Literature applying sociological, psycho-analytic, stylistic, existential, feminist and other approaches of close textual reading.
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Scholars' Press
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Alka Singh
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Post Modernism, Post Independence, Psycho analytic, Feminist, Stylistic, Textual reading, English Fiction, Trajectories

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