Copertina di Stress at Work
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Stress at Work

Stress Management

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (04.05.2011 )

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Stress has been experienced since ancient times, but it has never been worse than it is here in the early 21st century. Nowadays stress is responsible for more than fifty percent of all illness. Despite this fact, the phenomenon of stress still hasn't been that deeply studied. Contemporary society has to deal with the relatively new concept of “workplace stress” more and more often. In order to answer the questions as to: “Why?” and “What to do?” the problem of stress should be looked at in depth at individual workplaces. Only after this is done an appropriate and specific stress management programme can be created. The purpose of this present study is to determine the main reasons for and consequences of stress at work, and to find the most effective ways of preventing it and coping with it. The research also analyzes the overall current situation of stress at work and takes a look at some historical facts related to the origins of stress. People from different age groups, working spheres and cultures were invited for the interview during the year 2009, in order to get more information and practical examples from real life situations.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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AljonaАлёна ShchukaЩука
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49,00 €
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Stress, stress at work, Stress Management, Reasons, prevention, consequences, coping with stress

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