Copertina di Social representations in the face of involuntary relocation
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Social representations in the face of involuntary relocation

Natural Disaster in the Municipality of Poza Rica de Hidalgo, Veracruz

Our Knowledge Publishing (21.07.2021 )

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The impact of a disaster on public health is identified through the following: the production of excess mortality, morbidity and affectation of the population that exceeds what is usual in the affected community; the modification of the pattern of communicable diseases and traditional environmental risks in that community; the impact on the health services system, whose capacity for action is put to the test in this type of circumstance; the effects on mental health and human behavior; and the aspects of reconstruction, relocation and rehabilitation.This book is made up of six chapters of a research project in which aspects and foundations of the main concepts are shown, as well as an analysis from the community studied, which is part of a project called "the intervention of SEDESOL (Secretariat of Social Development) in disaster reconstruction", which leads us to a deep analysis of the community Arroyo del Maíz, in the municipality of Poza Rica de Hidalgo, Veracruz, after a natural disaster in its flood typology that led to an involuntary relocation.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Yaneli González Vargas, María Isabel Mabarak Limón, Andrea Margarita Velazco Salas
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496,30 HK$
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Social representation, natural disaster, Relocation

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