Copertina di Qualitative Kabbalah
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Qualitative Kabbalah

The Value of Living a Spiritual System

AV Akademikerverlag (16.08.2012 )

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Revision with unchanged content. Traditionally, kabbalah has been understood as an esoteric and theoretical discipline with little practical usage. In light of benefits that have been found for health and well-being in practices of mindfulness and awareness, this book explores the experiences of beginning students with kabbalistic teachings and practices through an introductory course. Particular attention was paid to attitudes, awareness strategies, and other behaviors and changes affecting well-being in studying this matter. The specific questions of the present research were as follows: (1) Was there a change in the attitudes and awareness of the beginning student as a result of participation in the introductory course to kabbalah? (2) Are the changes reported specifically related to the content of the kabbalah course? In-depth interviews were conducted with 12 students and were analyzed using grounded theory methodology. Specifically, the incorporation of kabbalistic teachings into psychotherapeutic practice, stress reduction studies, and as a meditative tool need further consideration in light of this study. The evidence suggests various changes in the subjective lives of students as a consequence of learning kabbalah, even an introductory course, and the numerous benefits that can come to students of kabbalah.
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AV Akademikerverlag
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Richard Oelberger
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Transformation, psychology, healing, Kabbalah, positive change, Qualitative research methods

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