Copertina di Privatization of public spaces
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Privatization of public spaces

Impact on the socio-political and spatial landscapes: Evidence from the Cape Town Central City Improvement District

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (30.04.2018 )

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Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) which are popularly known as City Improvement Districts (CIDs) in the South African context as a public-private sector type of privatization, have garnered political attention since they have the potential to reinforce spatial inequalities through the creation of distinctive economic districts. However, the concept has been commended for rejuvenating public spaces, which have mostly fallen victim to crime and grime. Using a qualitative research methodology, the study empirically sought to identify the factors which contribute to a privatization of public spaces. Moreover, the objective of the study was to identify the characteristics of privatized public spaces and their implications on socio-political and spatial landscapes in the City of Cape Town. Eleven public spaces within the City of Cape Town’s City Improvement Districts were evaluated using observation methods guided by the Németh’s index scoring sheet, and an interview schedule to solicit for information. The insight gained from the study will assist the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality (CPT) and all stakeholders such as Urban Planners who are interested in city governance.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Fredua Agyemang, Koyi Mchunu, Amponsah Effah
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Teoria e politica dello sviluppo
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Public Space, Privatization and Business Improvement District

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