Copertina di Preaching of the Early Korean Church (1884 – 1945)
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Preaching of the Early Korean Church (1884 – 1945)

A Study in Light of John Calvin's Understanding of Word and Sacrament

Scholars' Press (24.04.2018 )

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Preaching is healing and a versatile tool of hope for Church Reformation in every culture and generation, and empowered the young Korean-Church while the country was still under Japanese invasion and was dark-age of Korean identity. Like the early Afro-American preaching of hope, the early Korean preaching between 1884-1945, by the end of the World War II, revealed itself as an essential mark to introduce and educate people who were accustomed to Confucianism, Buddhism, and Shamanism. In the midst of the anti-Sacramental culture, the Korean preaching was emerged as the centrality of the Christian worship, and served not only to mold and solidify the faith of a people, but to serve as a beacon of hope in a period of political decay. Just as Calvin awakened the ignorance of the Church during the Reformation by his preaching and educated people preaching is a sacramental sign and the preacher, the celebrant of the Word, the early Korean preachers awakened people with the message of hope to turn away from their old pagan religions and to receive the new Christian God who will deliver miracle of liberation out of any desperate, helpless, and hopeless situations, like Exodus.
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Scholars' Press
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Eun Charles Kim
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50,90 €
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practical theology, Reformation, preaching, sermon, modern preaching, Korean church, Korean mission

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