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Pliable Versatile Customizable

Academic Management & Marketing

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (29.01.2019 )

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All fields of our life are redesigned. Due to SM, AI, IoT and velocity of transmission and expansion of the information are hastening both job creation and their destroy. Major changes occurring in the world are redefining the metrics of excellence for higher education and the pace of scientific and technological development, all the while, continues unabated. Can do the academic world keep up with these changes? Can the academic world be changed inside of it so to overtake job market? The Higher Education must be ready to equip students with proper theoretic and practice skills, knowing in real time all about market request. "All people pursue one goal: success or happiness. The only way to really be successful is to express yourself for the benefit of society. First of all, choose a well defined, clear and practical ideal - a goal, an objective. Second, you get the means to reach your goal-wisdom, money, materials, and methods. In the third place you adapt your means for the chosen purpose." Aristotle, 384-322 i.Hr, Greek philosopher "Begin at the beginning, the king said gravely, and go till you come to the end." Lewis Carroll, Alice s Adventures in Wonderland
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Ecaterina-Daniela Zeca, Pradeep Kumar, Heba Nasar
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39,90 €
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The Future of the Higher Education, education, A new way of acting, Education Facilitates Development, intellectual capital, Capability of Using New Technologies

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