Copertina di Personality and communication styles of married adults in Nigeria
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Personality and communication styles of married adults in Nigeria

Effects of personality types and communication styles on marital stability among couples in Nigeria

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (06.09.2011 )

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Studies have revealed that personality type is interactive, that is, one person’s orientation evoking the other person in predictable ways and so becoming the basis of attraction to and differences with marriage partners which also go along way to influence their styles of communication. There is however the need for adequate counselling services for married adults and would be couples, educating them regarding adequate means of communication and conflict resolution which is a typical interaction pattern between males and females and especially on how to deal with rather than suppressing problems that arise in the marriage which is a core skill to be learnt. This will help them prepare well for the marriage life, making sure the would - be couples have adequate information about their personality types and their partners’, so that they will know how to handle situation when they get married and they will be able to understand and differentiate the styles of communication that exists between married and that which they will like to use when they get married.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Blessing Fawole, Olufemi Fawole
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Scienze sociali in generale
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Personality Types, communication, self disclosure, Communications, Self-Disclosure

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