Copertina di My golden feather for the poor Congo. Volume 1
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My golden feather for the poor Congo. Volume 1

Under the dictatorship of Mobutu. Preface by Frédéric KIBASSA Maliba

Our Knowledge Publishing (21.06.2021 )

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Collection of various articles, poems, interviews and other analyses of a political nature, published during the long democratic transition (1990-97), under the ferocious dictatorship of Mobutu, Volume 1 of "My golden pen for the Congo" evokes various issues, including the holding of the Sovereign National Conference followed by the sell-off of its achievements, the dreadful Prima Curia, the need for an armed struggle, the endless mediocrity of the political class coupled with the demon of treason within the opposition, around a primacy that made run by breaking all the chains of the political logic, my historical motions of impeachment of the President of the Republic and of exclusion of the political party Union of the independent democrats (Udi) infiltrated in the Opposition (Usor), the failure of the anti-People transitional governments imposed from the West, the visible and invisible signals of the end of the reign of Marshal Mobutu, which certified what my numerous publications did not cease to remind to the latter and to his zealous thurifers, namely "the same causes always produce the same effects".
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Prosper Ndume Pelé Nzogu
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collection, Congo, Rwanda, dictatorship

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