Copertina di Multiculturalism in Salman Rushdie
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Multiculturalism in Salman Rushdie

Postcolonial Literature, Hybridity, Cultural Plurality, Multiculturalism, Magical Realism, Intertextuality

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (31.05.2013 )

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A name that never fails to ring a bell for literary as well as non-literary persons for a variety of reasons is Sir Salman Rushdie. A writer of international stature, Rushdie is a man of many talents juggling between various genres of literature to other related artistic fields of an actor, copywriter and producer. A conscientious literary artist, Rushdie is a sensitive writer who is concerned for the human race. He is pained by the gradual loss of multiculturalism and increasing hatred and violence in the world. Depicting contemporary society and modern man’s struggle, Rushdie’s novels have a central theme of hybridity and cultural plurality that endorses his belief in the positive influence of ‘chutnified’ culture and his faith in the resilient and regenerative quality of the human spirit and humanity. The present book Multiculturalism in Salman Rushdie is an attempt to focus on this particular aspect of Rushdie’s work that characterizes his related portrayal of themes like tension and collision that man is grappling with, his quest for self and the bond of relationships that fulfill, compliment and complete his search.
Casa editrice:
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Devasree Chakravarti, G. A. Ghanshyam
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Scienze linguistiche e letterature inglesi
6.171,90 руб
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Postcolonialism, hybridity, Cultural Plurality, Intertextuality, Multiculturalism, Magical Realism

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