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Migration Period spear

Spear, Migration Period sword, Shield, Javelin

Duct Publishing (12.01.2012 )

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The spear together with the sword, the longsax and the shield was the main equipment of the Germanic warriors during the Migration period and the Early Middle Ages.The pre-migration term reported by Tacitus is framea, who identifies it as "hasta"; The main native term for "javelin, spear" was Old High German gêr, Old English gâr, Old Norse geirr,gais apparently from Proto-Germanic *gaizo-[1], although the older form of the English word "spear" (Old English spere) was also used as where its cognates such as the Old Frisian sper and the Old High German speer. Spear in origin also denoted a throwing spear or lance (hasta).The word kêr or gêr is attested since the 8th century (Hildebrandslied 37, Heliand 3089). Gar and cognates is a frequent element in Germanic names, male Hrothgar, Holger, Ansgar, Gernot, Rüdiger, Gerhart, Gerald, female Gertrut, Gerlint. Garseand survived in Southern France as Garçon to designate variedly all male Youth that became a man, a spear bearing arm. The term survives into Modern German as Ger or Gehr (Grimm 1854) with a generalized meaning of "gusset" besides "spear". In contemporary German, the word is used exclusively in antiquated or poetic context, and
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Duct Publishing
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Jerold Angelus
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29,00 €
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Spear, combat, Javelin, Shield, sword

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