Copertina di Medieval and Antique Tradition in the Twelfth Night and The Tempest
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Medieval and Antique Tradition in the Twelfth Night and The Tempest

Shakespeare for All Time

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (21.05.2008 )

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Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers of all time. He is the foremost literary talent of his own Elizabethan Age and a genius whose plays are now translated into a number of foreign languages. His words have survived his own era because this sensitive playwright's histories, comedies tragedies and sonnets introduce nature of human and guide to identify the facts about his world-and all ages to come. Despite the early modern English that makes reading of his works difficult is read by students all over the world. Nowadays, he becomes the symbol of his nation. In this book I'd like to present some important events from Shakespeare's life connected with his theatre and the genres, he used in his plays. The chosen two plays belong to mark the ending of two different periods of the writer including the medieval and antique traditions. Twelfth Night is based on a late 16th-century play by B. Rich and The Tempest is also interesting because it?s a combination of tragedy and romantic comedy using magic. The analysis should give you a little more about these two plays and should be useful to teachers or anyone else who want to explore this "brave new world, that has such people in't."
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VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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Erika Nagyné Fisi
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Shakespeare, The Tempest, Twelfth Night, Tradition, Medieval, Antique

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