Copertina di Logical Reasoning to Improve Reading Skill in English Learners
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Logical Reasoning to Improve Reading Skill in English Learners

Read through numerical reasoning exercises

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (22.08.2019 )

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In this investigation was researched, how does the use of logical reasoning influence in the strengthening of the reading skill in tenth grade students? At “Cesar Borja Lavayen” public school. The idea of using numerical reasoning exercises was born because many projects relate reading only with literacy however it has been omitted the use of word problems for being implemented as other reading strategy perhaps because teachers that not teach math in English in public schools and look at this as something difficult to do with their students in class , in contrary , the use of this resource helps students to gain vocabulary, learn to understand a text ;( reading comprehension),improve written production and develop critical thinking, as well as it is a way to implement math with English language in public school where it is not possible to use so far as a subject, carrying out and applying the cross-curricular approach. As a recommendation of this study, it would be a good idea to keep this type of strategy into lesson plans and keep word problems or numerical reasoning focused on the strengthening of the reading skill.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Ronald Cordova
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Reading, Logical, Reasoning

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