Copertina di Literary Theory and Criticism: An Introduction
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Literary Theory and Criticism: An Introduction

Scholars' Press (08.02.2018 )

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Over the last few decades and in many countries, many books on literary theory have come out, but the majority of these books remained intimidating for many readers for the complexity and diversity of the discipline itself. Though indeed complex and difficult a discipline—even an unpopular terrain among many academics, even worse for students, particularly non-native learners—this book tries best to utilize all means possible to simplify such complex endeavour. This book provides a new simplified and exciting approach to the study of literary theory and criticism. Indeed it gives an accurate, more comprehensive and quite concise account of the various theories concerning literary production and the practice that all practitioners of literature have encountered in all times. This book does not set out to re-state the sophisticated but to simplify and to make things more accessible to a wider range of readers of literature, and to those concerned in the theory and practice of criticism, narratology and poetics. Indeed this book updates all these concerns and makes things easier and right to the point in a way that is different from and hopefully better than those in the field.
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Scholars' Press
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Mahmoud Salami
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Scienze linguistiche e letterature inglesi
6.746,29 руб
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Deconstruction, feminism, Formalism, Marxism, Post-Structuralism, Structuralism, Cultural/Postcolonial Criticism, psychoanalysis, Classical Criticism, Reader Response, Reception theory

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