Copertina di Learning Space Architecture
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Learning Space Architecture

With an emphasis on developing children's creativity

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (17.03.2016 )

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Giving to educational spaces and relating to the principles and standards is led to creating an environment commensurate with the mental demand's students .form of classrooms, color, light and ventilation, interior decoration and etc affect on Educable of students. The beauty of educational space has a positive effect on student motivation. Among different strata of the society, students tend to be attracted to beauty more than others. This book was prepared due to improving creativity's students in a learning environment. Also, this study investigates the changes of education and its influence on the design and forming schools. At first has been reviewed literature about educational spaces features that are included some architectural factors such as: colors, light. Also,were studied effects of them on students. Due to, studied society is Iran, therefore in part 2,was studied the history of learning spaces in Iran in two form (traditional and modern form),on the other hand, was introduced some sample plane as historical school in Iran. At finally, in section 3, was designed school according previous studies in part one and two. This section include site analyzed and action plans.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Aazam Maleki
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Istruzione, professione, mestieri, carriera
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education managment, learning space, laerning architecture

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