Copertina di Laser based techniques for biomedical applications
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Laser based techniques for biomedical applications

Use of lasers in material structuring that contributes to the development of new treatments in the field of biomedical

Scholars' Press (07.04.2016 )

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This book explores the use of lasers in material structuring for bio-medical applications. The term “biomedical” encompass the field of applied research that contributes to the development of new treatments. To delineate different themes, the book is divided into a number of chapters that cover background information, together with experimental studies and analysis of the data. The book begins with an introduction to laser processing methods that become very appealing for the fabrication of micro/nano structures. In chapter 2,literature review is presented that covers deposition techniques, patterning and the requirements of biomedical research. Chapter 3 describes the laser systems used and quantifies their performance via their output characteristics. Emphasis is given to the femtosecond laser system. Additive photopolymerization is presented in chapter 4. Using this technique, tissue scaffolds have been prepared with different pore sizes suitable for application in different living tissues. Subtractive patterning based on the ablative process is covered in chapter 5.The final chapter draws conclusions from the preceding sections along with some suggestions for future work.
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Scholars' Press
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Bibi Safia Haq
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Biochimica, Biofisica
79,90 €
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femtosecond laser, Two photon absorption, Two photon polymerization, 3D Micro fabrications, Ablative techniques, Biomedical applications

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