Copertina di International Criminal Court, African States and African Union
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International Criminal Court, African States and African Union

The Quest For Fidelity in International Law Obligations

Scholars' Press (23.07.2018 )

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In the midst of the dearth of both complementarity and subsidiarity between International Criminal Court (ICC) and the African Union (AU) among the Regional Intergovernmental Organizations, the operations of the ICC are doomed to suffer from fidelity tug. This will render not only the existence of this court meaningless but also the respect of international legal obligations. In the premises, this book proposes the approaches to circumnavigate the state of infidelity on the part of the ICC member states who happens to be the members of the regional intergovernmental organizations. It is in the larger extents advocating that the legal framework of the ICC to be invoked with the view to provide permanency to this tug without compromising the matters pending before the court. And on the other hand, it goes for a purposeful change of posture of the referral and deferral mechanisms involving the United Nations Security Council. And given peculiarities of the mechanism, the book suggests a reconciled participation in this sensitive organ of the United Nations.
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Scholars' Press
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Francis M. Magare
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Diritto internazionale, diritto straniero
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International Criminal Court, African Union, Fidelity in International law and Impunity

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