Copertina di Guiding Patterns of Naturally Occurring Design
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Guiding Patterns of Naturally Occurring Design

A general pattern-language approach to understanding nature; Elements and Mining Living Quality

Scholars' Press (20.09.2019 )

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The leading sciences offer a pattern language for nature in the form of interrelated mathematical equations. Scientifically undefined natural language remains needed for referring to and discussing the rich self-defined patterns of organization found in nature and discovering their roles in our lives. Those include general multi-scale patterns of ‘cellular organization,’ ‘mediums,’ ‘homes,’ ‘growth,’ and ‘cultures.’ Those are among the guiding patterns of naturally occurring design this pair of revised 2015 papers explore. The author’s effort is to bring together her long studied natural science pattern language of emergent organizational growth and climax transformations with Christopher Alexander’s pattern language of holistic architectural design, to be a resource for a combined design-science point of view. The discussion does not rely on a detailed study of either precedent. It relies instead on the reader’s own experience with and ability to recognize naturally occurring patterns of design. The text is arranged as a series of short essays, combining introductory and advanced issues, that one may read through or pick up to read and reread a piece at a time.
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Scholars' Press
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Jessie Lydia Henshaw
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Scienze naturali in generale
79,90 €
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Natural systems, Transformation, Design Patterns, Living quality, pattern language, pattern search, pattern repositories, Growth, dual worldview, object-oriented science, structural etymology

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